VintageElegance Decorative Door


Material: Teak wood

Size: W 74 x H 183 cm

*The price is for a single door


Introducing the VintageElegance Teak Wood Decorative Door: Where Beauty and Timelessness Converge

Step into an era of grace and allure with the VintageElegance Teak Wood Decorative Door. Crafted from the finest teak wood, this door is more than an entrance; it’s a testament to vintage charm and enduring elegance.

A Symphony of Teak Splendor:

Carved from the heart of teak wood, the VintageElegance Decorative Door radiates warmth and character. The rich tones of teak create a sense of sophistication, while the natural grain patterns tell tales of the wood’s journey through time.

The Sun’s Radiant Gaze:

At the apex of this door, a single sun radiates with timeless symbolism. This celestial motif not only adds an element of artistic flair but also represents illumination, guidance, and the promise of a new day every time you cross the threshold.

Nature’s Embrace:

As you descend down, you encounter intricately carved plants that grace the middle of the door. These plant motifs celebrate the beauty of nature and create a connection between the indoors and the outdoors, infusing your space with a touch of natural wonder.

Elegance in Dimensions:

With a width of 74 cm and a height of 183 cm, the VintageElegance Decorative Door stands as an embodiment of proportion and poise. Its dimensions capture attention, creating an aura of grandeur that draws you in with a sense of anticipation.

Timeless Appeal:

The VintageElegance Teak Wood Decorative Door is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an artful creation that transcends time. It’s a fusion of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and history, inviting you to be part of a narrative that spans generations.

A Doorway to Elegance:

Every time you pass through the VintageElegance Decorative Door, you step into a realm where vintage charm meets contemporary living. It’s not just a portal; it’s a reflection of your style and an homage to the beauty of the past.

Whether you’re welcoming guests into your abode or relishing a moment of solitude, the VintageElegance Teak Wood Decorative Door stands as a reminder that true elegance knows no bounds. It’s an invitation to experience the allure of vintage charm every time you cross its threshold.


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