Student Table From Teak


Material: Teak Wood

Size: L 52 x W 120 x H 77 cm



Introducing the Teak Wood Student Table:

A Fusion of Functionality and Craftsmanship. Crafted from teak wood, this table is designed with students in mind, offering a workspace that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. With dimensions of 52 cm in length, 120 cm in width, and 77 cm in height, it provides ample room for studying and projects.

What sets this student table apart is its unique design – covered in small wooden pieces crafted from teak wood. These intricate pieces create a captivating mosaic effect, infusing the table with texture and character. Beyond its visual appeal, the table boasts the durability and timeless beauty that teak wood is renowned for.

Ideal for study nooks, bedrooms, or shared living spaces, this Teak Wood Student Table combines utility with artistic flair. Create an inspiring environment for focused work and creativity with a table that’s designed to elevate both your space and your study sessions.


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