Suffix EP TK 100 S for Stone Carpets 20kg (16A + 4B)


  • crystal clear epoxy resin
  • Exceptional durability under impact, load and weather conditions
  • Suitable for mixing with quartz stones for creating stone carpets
  • mixing ration: Resin A and hardener B 100:25



Suffix EP TK 100 is 2 component epoxy resin used as a stone binder

Areas of Use

At stone and gravel binding, stone carpet application.


Transparent casting epoxy. Provides high strenght.

Technical Properties

  • Volume – 100%
  • Viscosity – 450 – 750
  • Density – 1070
  • Hardness (Shore D) – 82
  • Thermal Resistence – 75 °C
  • Mixing Ratio – 100:25
  • Curing Time – 12 hours
  • Full Curing – 2 days


To achieve perfect results, the mixing ration must be applied correctly. Changin the mixing ratio causes the surface ro not dry properly and not reach its full mechanical properties. Its essential to use scale while preparing the mixture.

The application surface must be solid. Ambient temperature should be 18-23 °C and humidity should be below 50%


25g of component B must be mixed with 100g of component A by weight. When weighing, component B should be weighted first and then component A should be added to it. To obtain a homogeneus mixture, the components must be mixed thoroughly at low speed for 3-4 minutes. The system tends to heat up in the container it is mixed in. Only the amount of product needed to be applied should be mixed.

After the material mixure is mixed, it is added to the quartz stone or aggregate mass during using a suitable mechaninical mixer. It is mixed for about 2 minutes and immediately spread to the application area.

It is important that all solid material is thoroughtly soaked for the same amount of time in each batch to avoid colour variations.

Using flat spreader or or flat trowel, spread it evenly on the surface in the desired tickness and press lightly to obtain a smooth and uniform surface. After the you spreaded the material, you should apply a thin layer of only the epoxy resin to the surface to improve the strenght.

Storing and Shelf Life

It should kept tightly at room temperature, protected from sunlight. The Resin should be at 22-25 °C. Keeping the epoxy at lower temperatures causes crystallization and in this case a clear mixture cannot be obtained. If the Epoxy Temperature is below 10 °C, the temperature of the material should be carefully increased to 22-25 °C with a water bath in the container

It can be stored in its unopened original containers for 1 year from the date of production. Material in opened buckets should be used immediately.


It is recomended as 1 kg of Epoxy to be mixed with 10 kg of stone/aggregate mixture of 2-4 mm size.


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