Live Edge Walnut Table Feri


Material: Walnut wood

Surface: Oiled

*The price changes depending on the options you choose


Introducing the Artistry of Live Edge Walnut Tables: Where Nature Meets Craftsmanship

Unveiling a Masterpiece: Live Edge Walnut Table Collection

Discover the epitome of natural elegance with our Live Edge Walnut Table collection. Crafted from a single wooden slab, each table stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature’s beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you seek to enrich your dining space or infuse your living area with sophistication, these tables redefine luxury.

Customizable Dimensions: Tailoring to Your Space

Our Live Edge Walnut Tables come in various sizes to suit your unique preferences. From the cozy intimacy of the 160 cm by 90 cm option to the grandeur of the 280 cm by 110 cm design, every table offers distinct dimensions that cater to your spatial needs. Regardless of size, each table stands at an inviting 77 cm height, beckoning you to gather around and indulge in its allure.

Nature’s Timeless Aesthetic: Live Edges and Tree Rings

Each Live Edge Walnut Table boasts the natural charm of live edges and visible tree rings on its tabletop. These organic features preserve the tree’s history, adding a touch of rustic sophistication. The live edges lend an authentic character to the table, showcasing the tree’s unique contours.

Individuality in Every Grain: Unique Tabletops

Celebrate individuality with our tables, as no two tabletops are alike. The distinctive patterns and hues of the walnut wood ensure that each table exudes its own personality. With every glance, you’re reminded of the organic beauty that nature bestows upon us.

Durability and Protection: Timber Oil Coating

Enhance the longevity of your table with our specially applied timber oil coating. Not only does it render the wood waterproof, but it also safeguards it from atmospheric elements and UV rays. This protective layer not only preserves the table’s integrity but also accentuates its timeless appeal.

Sturdy Support: Metal Profile Legs

Our Live Edge Walnut Tables stand steadfastly on metal profile legs in a sleek black finish. These robust legs not only provide stable support but also contribute to the table’s modern aesthetic. The contrasting elements of wood and metal create an eye-catching synergy that elevates your interior design.

Tailored to Your Taste: Table Options

Customize your table further by choosing whether you’d like it with or without legs. This choice empowers you to design a piece that seamlessly integrates into your living space, reflecting your unique style and preferences.

Elevate your interior with the Live Edge Walnut Table – an exquisite fusion of nature’s splendor and human artistry. Immerse yourself in the journey of timeless aesthetics and expert craftsmanship, creating a centerpiece that embodies both form and function.

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L 160 x W 90 x H 77, L 180 x W 90 x H 77, L 200 x W 100 x H 77, L 220 x W 100 x H 77, L 240 x W 100 x H 77, L 260 x W 100 x H 77, L 280 x W 110 x H 77


With Legs, Without Legs


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