Set Byala (2+1+1+Coffee Table)

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Product Content: 1 Double Sofa, 2 Armchairs and 1 Coffee Table

Material: Chestnut wood

Fabric Color and Model Used: Seat & Back cushions have water-resistant properties. Cushion covers are detachable and zippered.

Item Maintenance: You can perform general cleaning by wiping it with a clean, slightly moist cloth. It doesn’t require any special care.

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Experience Coastal Elegance with the Byala Garden Set

Craftsmanship Inspired by Byala:

Welcome to a world of timeless charm and seaside sophistication with our Byala Garden Set. Handcrafted from sturdy chestnut wood, this set captures the essence of the picturesque town of Byala, known for its pristine beaches and serene ambiance. Elevate your outdoor space with furniture that combines artistry and comfort.

Inviting Seating Arrangements:

The Byala Garden Set includes two inviting armchairs and a cozy two-seater bench, all adorned with plush gray pillows. Sink into the comfort of your seat, where two pillows cradle you in relaxation – one for the seat and one for the backrest. Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or enjoying a sunset aperitif, these seats provide the perfect perch for outdoor indulgence.

Rustic Chic Coffee Table:

The set’s coffee table is a rustic charmer, its design reminiscent of the wooden planks found along Byala’s seaside promenade. Measuring L 100 x W 60 x H 47 cm, it’s the ideal surface for serving refreshments, displaying decor, or simply resting your summer reads. Crafted with care, this table effortlessly complements the armchairs and bench, completing the coastal look.

Natural Beauty Enhanced:

To withstand the elements, all wooden components of the Byala Garden Set are treated with timber oil, enhancing their natural beauty while providing protection from weathering. Chestnut wood’s warm, rich tones shine through, evoking the essence of the seaside.

Byala: Where Elegance Meets Nature:

The name “Byala” draws its inspiration from the seaside town known for its pristine coastline, azure waters, and a blend of natural beauty and elegance. With the Byala Garden Set, we bring a touch of this coastal haven to your own outdoor retreat.

Create Your Coastal Oasis:

Transform your garden or terrace into a coastal-inspired oasis with the Byala Garden Set. Embrace the soothing palette of grays and warm wood tones, and let the spirit of Byala infuse your outdoor space. Whether you’re hosting gatherings or savoring quiet moments, this set promises both style and comfort.

Seaside Serenity, Every Day:

Make every day feel like a seaside vacation with the Byala Garden Set. Whether you’re gazing at the horizon, sipping a cocktail, or simply enjoying the fresh air, this set provides the perfect backdrop for creating treasured memories in the comfort of your own outdoor haven.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Byala Garden Set. Explore the blend of coastal charm and craftsmanship, and let the spirit of Byala grace your garden or terrace. Discover how elegance and nature converge in this exquisite outdoor furniture collection.

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2+1+1+Coffee Table With Cushion


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