Epoxy Resin Suffix EP MRN 700 for floors, LED systems up to 7cm 15kg (10A + 5B)

  • Crystal clear epoxy resin
  • Contains UV additives
  • Suitable for decorative castings
  • Can be coloured with pigments
  • Suitable for minimum 2 cm – maximum 7 cm castings
  • Suitable for application with a roller
  • High durability against impacts, water and most chemicals.
  • Can be use on all surfaces such as wood, concrete, glass and more
  • Scope of delivery: Epoxy Resin A and hardener B (Mixing ratio 100:50)
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Suffix EP MRN 700 is a two-component system of crystal clear, solvent-free epoxy resin. Our clear epoxy is specially designed to be used to create flooring, LED systems, 3D floors and more.


Especially suitable for casting 3D floor applications, LED systems, decorative flooring and also can be used as surface protection. It is suitable for decorating large objects like garages, basement floors, stone carpets, industrial and warehouse floors, etc.

Method of use:

Place component A (the epoxy resin) in a clean container and add component B (the hardener) according to the mixing ratio. Mix thoroughly in one direction on low speed for 3-4 minutes until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Epoxy systems tend to heat up in the container in which they are mixed, so only the required amount should be mixed. For the coloring process, add pigment to the mixture and mix again until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Make sure that the objects you will use in your work are clean and dry. before laying floors, the surface must be cleaned of dust, dirt and oil. If the application will be on self-leveling floors or other coatings on concrete, it is necessary to first apply an epoxy primer and then sand. If the application will be a 3D floor covering, no primer will be needed.

To achieve perfect results, the mixing ratio must be applied correctly. Changing the ratio causes the product to not cure properly and not reach its ultimate mechanical properties. The use of a scale is recommended when preparing the mixture.

Technical properties:

  • Volume : 100%
  • Application temperature: 18-23°C
  • Mixing ratio: 100:50 (2:1)
  • Curing period – Begins within 6-8 hours at 23 °C depending on the amount of mixture, and complete curing takes 24 hours.
  • Shelf life – 1 year in the original packaging


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