Dining Teak Table With Branch Top

Original price was: €1,750.00.Current price is: €950.00.

Material: Teak Wood

Size: L 250 x W 90 x H 78 cm


This extraordinary Dining teak table spans an impressive 2.5 meters in length, 90 cm in width, and stands at a graceful height of 78 cm. Crafted entirely from exquisite teak wood, this piece embodies the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The table’s solid teak wood frame and legs ensure unwavering stability, while the unique inner side of the top adds an enchanting touch. Comprising 2cm young teak branches, the inner side is a tribute to nature’s diversity. These carefully chosen branches create a visually captivating pattern that draws the eye and infuses the table with a touch of organic charm.

Accentuating the beauty of the young teak branches is the innovative use of resin. The space between the branches is meticulously filled with resin, creating a mesmerizing interplay of textures and colors. This artistic addition not only enhances the visual appeal but also encapsulates the essence of creativity and craftsmanship.

Whether it’s a formal dinner or a casual gathering, this Dining Teak Table is the centerpiece that sparks conversation and admiration. Experience the fusion of nature’s finest elements and artistic ingenuity in a piece that transcends mere furniture to become an embodiment of art.


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