Asymmetrical Bench Feri


Material: Walnut Wood

Size: L 235 x H 95

Surface: Oiled

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Introducing the Captivating “Feri” Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench: Where Nature and Artistry Converge

Elevate your living space with the unparalleled allure of the “Feri” Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench. Crafted from two mirror-image walnut slabs, this extraordinary bench showcases an innovative design that creates a stunning Yin and Yang effect. The result? A unique and mesmerizing piece that seamlessly blends natural elegance with artistic ingenuity.

Nature’s Harmony in Design:

The symphony of nature is captured in the graceful asymmetry of the “Feri” bench. The juxtaposition of the two identical walnut slabs, oriented in opposite directions, forms a visually striking representation of balance and harmony. The seat and backrest merge effortlessly, creating an exquisite display of unity.

A Glimpse into the Past: With live edges that proudly showcase the intricacy of tree rings, each moment in the life of the walnut wood is preserved in this bench’s design. The beauty of nature’s timeline is elegantly displayed, as you witness the passage of years in the rich patterns of the wood.

Artful Imperfections:

Embracing the authenticity of the natural world, the “Feri” bench features a deliberate crack along the backrest’s edge. This artful imperfection adds character and depth, further highlighting the bench’s connection to the elements and enhancing its organic charm.

Protected Beauty:

The surface of the bench is lovingly treated with timber oil, not only enhancing its natural hues but also providing protection against the elements. UV rays, moisture, and atmospheric changes are no match for the enduring radiance of the “Feri” bench.

Part of the Feri Series:

The “Feri” Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench is a proud member of our esteemed Feri series. This collection pays homage to the beauty of walnut wood, offering a range of exceptional tables and benches that capture the essence of nature’s splendor.

Elevate Your Space:

Elevate your interior with the magnetic presence of the “Feri” Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench. Embrace the fusion of contemporary design and timeless beauty. This bench is more than furniture; it’s a work of art that exudes sophistication and sparks conversations.

Experience the “Feri” difference today. Let this bench become the centerpiece of your decor, a testament to your appreciation for nature’s wonders and human creativity. Discover the enchanting world where asymmetry meets elegance and functionality melds with artistic expression. Welcome the “Feri” Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench into your home, and transform your space into an artful haven.

Asymmetrical Live Edge Bench | “Feri” Series | Walnut Wood Artistry


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